Deleted Scene: Will he or won't he?

The beginning of this scene may be familiar to you, but I guarantee the ending isn’t. I titled this deleted scene “Will he or won’t he?” and I think you’ll understand why when you read it. Why did it never make it into Evermore where it was originally intended to be? Well, let’s just say Emily wasn’t that kind of girl <g>

The mattress sank as he sat down near me. “I’ve been trying very hard to keep away.” His voice was so soft it was barely a whisper but I could hear the thickness in the deep, melodic tones. “But ever since the curse, ever since I started to weaken…the thought of never seeing you again…” A violent shiver wracked him and I stretched my arms out. He leaned into them and I held him against my chest. “Emily…I can’t stay away from you. You are my soul mate, my love. My everything.”

A tear slipped from my eye and down my cheek onto the top of his head. I kissed it. “Then don’t stay away. We’ll break the curse and end this. We will be together one day, Jacob. Don’t give up.”

I felt him sigh. “I’ll never give up. Not unless…” Another shiver tore through his body.

I tightened my hold. “You’re cold. Come lie with me under the covers and warm up.”

He drew away from me but not far enough to leave my arms completely. “Emily, it’s unthinkable! I shouldn’t even be in here.” He made to rise but I held him and he didn’t struggle.

“Forget propriety, Jacob. It no longer matters. I want you with me. I want to feel you beside me and hold you in my arms until morning.”

“I want that too.” Yet still he hesitated. “But—”

I took his face in my hands and pulled him down to kiss me, cutting off his protest. Jacob’s lips were cool but his tongue and ardor were hot. The headiness of the kiss made my head swim and my heart swell. More than anything, it confirmed what I already knew. I wanted him, in every sense of the word.

“Come into the bed,” I murmured against his mouth. “And stop worrying about ruining me. No one will ever know.”