The Prison of Buried Hopes

Book 5: After The Rift

The quest to learn more about their past lives takes Josie, the captain and their eclectic group of friends on an adventure across the Fist Peninsula. Their mood is one of optimism as relationships deepen and new alliances are forged. When some of the palace servants who lost their memories are recognized, they know they’re drawing closer to answers.

But being recognized in strange cities brings problems. It seems the pasts they can’t remember weren’t as simple as they hoped. The further south the eclectic band of friends travel, the clearer it becomes that the sorcerer uprooted them from their lives for a reason.

With the truth within reach, Dane is suddenly arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. In a desperate attempt to free him, Josie promises to give a king the magic he desires in exchange for Dane’s freedom. Magic she doesn’t possess.

Meanwhile, in Josie’s homeland of Glancia, war is brewing.