Cover for The Sinner

Check out the gorgeous cover for the 4th Assassins Guild novel, THE SINNER.

THE SINNER is Hughe, Lord Oxley’s, story. We finally get to see the enigmatic leader of the guild brought to his knees by love.

THE SINNER will be released at the end of August or beginning of September. Sign up to my newsletter to be among the first to find out about its release. 

SEARED WITH SCARS is now available!

The 2nd book in the 2nd Freak House Trilogy follows the continuing story of Charity and Samuel.

With the Master’s spirit still haunting London, Charity must remain at Freak House. But the peace is shattered when Samuel’s father is brutally slain by a demon on the estate. Who summoned it and why?

As some questions are answered, yet more secrets about Samuel emerge that send him hurtling toward madness. Secrets that terrify Charity and draw her inevitably closer to him. As the lies are peeled back to reveal the truth, will she be able to conquer her fears and give Samuel what he craves?



Links to buy it are here or you can read an excerpt here.

Join the Characters from Freak House on Tumblr

I’ve started a blog over on Tumblr, written from the perspective of the characters of Freak House. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun where you can interact directly with Jack, Hannah, Sylvia and others from THE WRONG GIRL and PLAYING WITH FIRE. They post images, updates, teasers and occasionally chat to one another. Come and join in! Find out what they’re up to, what they like, or ask one of them a question.